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Nicole Flory, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

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A. Specialization

  1. Sexuality & Relationships
    No interest in sex? Problems with orgasm? Poor communication with your partner? Sexual and relationship problems are one of the most frequent concerns today. Experts estimate that about 40% of women in the US report low sexual interest, difficulties with sexual arousal or orgasm, or sexual pain disorders. Therapy can help you to greatly enhance your sexual functioning, improve communication, and emotional intimacy.

  2. Stress, Anxiety & Depression
    Feeling really down or panicky? My expertise in behavioral medicine includes stress management, treatment of depression (also post-partum), performance anxiety, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, and phobias (e.g., needle phobia, dental phobia). CBT, hypnotic, and mindfulness techniques have been proven to be effective.

  3. Medical Issues
    Why me and why now? As a health psychologist, I have helped countless people with medical illnesses (e.g. infertility, diabetes, cancer, cardiac illness) to cope with their condition and adopt a healthier lifestyle. I have also successfully delivered interventions for insomnia, stress reduction, pain management, and weight management. Find out how hypnosis can prepare you for surgery and quicker recovery.

  4. Infertility, Pregnancy & Delivery
    Still not pregnant after months or even years of trying? Being (happily) pregnant but nauseous and exhausted? Wishing for a positive birthing experience? Millions of women and their partners struggle with the emotional and physical strain of infertility, pregnancy-related problems, and post-partum adjustment. Therapy with a qualified professional like me can help to overcome these problems. Hypnotic interventions are effective during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

  5. Acute & Chronic Pain
    Suffering from frequent pain such as migraines or pelvic pain? Pain in the pelvis (often related to uterine fibroids or endometriosis) or in the genital area (vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, or vulvar vestibulatis syndrome - VVS) as well as pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) are typical problems. Acute and chronic pain in general also very common problems. CBT and hypnotic interventions have been documented to reduce pain and related problems.

  6. Coaching & Performance Enhancement
    Performance anxiety? Major life transitions? Bad eating habits? Lack of exercise? Stress or Insomnia? These are daily struggles many people experience in this modern, hectic life. The good news: You can learn basic strategies for relaxation, time management, organization, assertiveness, and interpersonal communication.

Mental Health Professionals
We can collaborate on a comprehensive approach for patients/clients, including those who are seeing you as a primary therapist. I can help with hypnotic and other short-term interventions for adjunctive treatments & case consultations.

We can collaborate on an integrative approach to help your patients with depression, anxiety (including needle phobias), acute and chronic pain (including pelvic pain or vulvodynia), sexual dysfunction, infertility, insomnia, stress, or other problems. I can also help your patients to prepare for medical procedures.

Doulas / Midwives
I can help your clients with pregnancy-related problems such as nausea, fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, and post-partum adjustment. I can also help with preparing your clients for labor and delivery using hypnotic or other short-term treatments.

I can help your patients struggling with anxiety, e.g., dental phobia, needle phobia, and pain during procedures

Ich spreche Deutsch
Ich komme aus Deutschland und habe meine Ausbildung als Diplom-Psychologin an der Freien Universitaet Berlin abgeschlossen. Danach bin ich nach Kanada und spaeter in die USA ausgewandert. Ich freue mich auf Ihren Anruf!

B. Treatment Philosophy

If you are struggling with a medical, sexual, or relationship problem I want you to know that I am committed to helping people just like yourself. I provide the highest quality of care to all my clients and offer solution-focused treatment. Being curious and compassionate about different outlooks on life has served me well as a psychologist. While often using specific practices and techniques, my approach is flexible and always tailored to individual needs. The goal of this type of therapy is to restore your sense of self, calmness, and inner strength.

Techniques include:


C. The “Ideal” Patient or Client

I strongly believe in being an informed consumer in one’s psychological or medical treatment. Please read, ask questions, go online, and talk with people in your support system; ideally even before coming for therapy. Once you have decided to come to work with me, I will ask for your trust and permission to guide and coach you. Ideally, you will be open and curious about the things I have to say and suggest to you. You will practice using the concepts and tools we explored during sessions in your everyday life. If you come to a point when you feel quite happy with the gains achieved in therapy, that may be a good time to stop.

Communication and respect are cornerstones of health in all of our relationships. In a therapeutic relationship of mutual trust and respect, you can learn many new skills, including active listening and clear communication. As you learn new patterns of feeling thinking, and behaving, you may then apply your skills outside of the treatment setting. The goal of this change is to reduce distress arising from relationships and other areas, and to increase your sense of happiness and self-acceptance.

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